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Our Contract Marriage

Syanja J

Story about:murder mystery, pain and sorrow, love and hatred

Age restriction: 18+

30 347

#1078 in Romance
#94 in Thrillers & Suspense

Ongoing: 17 May 72 pages

Publication: 20.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Our Contract Marriage"

Leon Soo-Yun married Jang Jun-Sang for the sake of their families after her father's death. Jun-Sang the most powerful and well-known CEO and Soo-Yun were a famous lawyer. They have known each other since their childhood. Soo-Yun was madly in love with Moon Sang-Woon who was also known as a successful businessman. Jun-Sang made a contract between them without acknowledging their families. It was fair enough because both of them agreed. He made some rules for Soo-Yun and she has to follow them in every condition. One day Jun-Sang brought his ex-girlfriend into the house.


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Longan Cho
19.05.2022, 19:59:08

I love the story please update and please continue to write more stories!

Syanja J
21.05.2022, 19:05:48

Longan Cho, I have uploaded a new stories, hope you will like it as well.

12.05.2022, 13:25:56

I like this book

Syanja J
12.05.2022, 22:08:39

Ana, Thank You.:)

Longan Cho
07.05.2022, 03:13:52

Such a beautiful story I hope Jun sang finally realize how much soo yun loves him and he needs to break it off with Haneul. She’s up to something.

Syanja J
07.05.2022, 16:15:28

Longan Cho, There Is A Lot Things Going To Happen Soon. Wait And Watch.

Longan Cho
27.04.2022, 23:14:59

Please update I am
Loving the story.

Syanja J
28.04.2022, 01:52:11

Longan Cho, I Will, Thank You.:)

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