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Book. "Our journey from engagement to marriage" read online

Our journey from engagement to marriage

Shipra Saini

Series: The journey of love

Story about:an epic love story, an arranged marriage, an arrogant billonaire

Age restriction: 18+

1370 118919

#282 in Romance
#135 in Billionaires

Complete 528 pages

Publication: 30.05.2022 — 15.07.2022

Description of book "Our journey from engagement to marriage"

Preeti is a simple girl like every Indian girl. Her parents fixed her marriage to Siddharth who lives in America. Siddharth and her family came Preeti's home to celebrate Diwali with Preeti and her family and to know their culture closely.
Both Preeti and Siddharth come close during this time of period and fall in love with eachother. How a billionaire from America fall for a simple and ordinary Indian girl Preeti.
'Preeti looks beautiful in wet hair. Her red suit is all wet and sticks like second skin. I wanted to kiss her.
"may I " I asked her in my husky voice. She closed her eyes and I took it as a yes and start leaning.
But what happened after breaking her heart, after crushing her soul he came back in her life only to maker her his only. How he win her heart again?


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Chandni Patra
17.03.2023, 18:53:53

I love your story. I love all the couple but mostly sid & priti.
I complete the story within 2 days . Awesome story

Longan Cho
11.02.2023, 07:45:10

I really love this book so

I love your story, it's beautiful

wow wow wow this is great

happy for you guys



a friend indeed

so sad

haaaaaaaaaaa, what?????

Preeti you should be able to stand up for yourself

bad sister

mothers hmmmmm


24.10.2022, 10:24:36

Dearest author, you have given me a beautiful moments of wonder from your book, tell u the truth, i don't think i can pinpoint a single favorite scene, its all so marvelous, i couldn't put your book down had to complete it, even when i fell asleep reading it, you are very talented and throughout the book i felt incredible and experienced such amazing emotional. God bless for your future books and thank you. Huge Fan Avi

Bumbum Adeola
12.10.2022, 20:38:01

the story is just captivating. I was blushing all through as if I were Preeti.

11.09.2022, 10:43:50

the story was so beautiful. would u be writing James n keerte ke story. I would love to read that

snowy snow
10.09.2022, 08:14:55

I love this book. how author wrote the book and make it unique and special. I fell in love with book and characters. while reading I noticed that some chapters are not in order and some places there are spelling mistakes I think this needs some editing. This book is like a fresh Breeze and naturally flowing the plot and the ideology of the characters and there development. I really want to appreciate the author for writing this great book. looking forward to read more books from you. keep rocking and take care.

Tanisha Tanvi
03.09.2022, 09:03:25

i dont know why but i am getting deja vu of the movie vivah...

Rachna Jagani
04.08.2022, 16:45:00


Syeda Tazeen Fatema Masha
02.08.2022, 19:55:56

I like that

Softy Gupta
29.07.2022, 08:35:23

I just love it.. beautiful story.

Tammie Nipp
26.07.2022, 17:33:52

oh and let me know when your next book comes out I want to read it.

Tammie Nipp
26.07.2022, 17:30:50

I loved their story but I think you ended it to soon after marriage. please do a sequel to finish their love story and then start another one about James and Keerti. I would love to know more about their love story as well.

yes you are a very good story teller and yes sometimes you do put words in there that don't belong but how else are you to learn from them. keep doing your best and before you know it you will be able to put the words in their rightful place.

like I said keep up the good work and don't let anyone discourage you. good luck in your writing.

Mohsina Patel
26.07.2022, 13:15:36

What will be the title of the sequel?

Olori Ogunaike
26.07.2022, 07:33:14

keep it up

Babita Padaruth
23.07.2022, 14:08:29

Hi thank you for this lovely story.
awaiting for the sequel.

21.07.2022, 14:30:06

It's a little too hard to read with all the grammatical mistakes. Please try to edit

Meenu Loomba
21.07.2022, 12:10:37

when will you start the sequel author???

Meenu Loomba
21.07.2022, 14:14:12

Shipra Saini, ok... thanks... eagerly waiting for the story to start

Nikita Biswas
20.07.2022, 07:23:39

is this an stand-alone story? please enlighten me

Nikita Biswas
20.07.2022, 12:12:55

Shipra Saini, ok,thank you for replying

Aarushi Burakoti
19.07.2022, 22:14:46

can we please have some bonus chapter's i really love this story

Shipra Saini
20.07.2022, 06:04:05

Aarushi Burakoti, I'll soon publish the whole sequel of this story

Preety Yadav
16.07.2022, 18:33:51

Such a beautiful story full of love nd emotions ? not just a story but u made ur readers even feel the favourite couple obviously preety nd Sidharth except them Nick and Emily ??they were such a cute couple ...nd the best moment was when he cleared all her insecurities nd filled vermilion in her parted hairs in front of their families....... Also loved the parts where he was extra possesive for her pretty preety nd the parts between Nick and Sid ... they were true best friends holding each other's back every now nd then . .. looking forward many more writing of you .....uhh are just such a great author...loved the book so much nd now it's my all tym favourite tooo.....

18.07.2022, 18:34:29

Preety Yadav, Same here author

18.07.2022, 18:31:21

Ur so amazing
Amazing book
Now i m obsessed with song " tu hi Haqeeqat"
I never take this song thae way u expressed
Keep going

Rekha Dsouza
18.07.2022, 05:25:27


Chanderika Sharma
17.07.2022, 18:27:06

Awesome story .

Surajie Mohammed
17.07.2022, 16:04:22

in life you meet som e of challenge youthat Preeti went through some time is your own family thank you god blessings from my side s, Mohammed w indies

Lynn Austria
17.07.2022, 14:57:44

You are a brilliant writer, after reading a few chapters I already know that this a good book worth reading. Thank you and congratulations ??? looking forward to your other books. Take care and stay safe. God bless us ??????

Layo Omotolani
16.07.2022, 19:42:24

lovely story.... I so love the ending

Longan Cho
16.07.2022, 18:27:10

I love everyone of the couples and I love this story and can’t wait for the sequel!

Longan Cho
16.07.2022, 18:27:10

I love everyone of the couples and I love this story and can’t wait for the sequel!

Raj Kumar Raju
16.07.2022, 14:53:16

sorry to say author....firstly I doubted I have seen u r cover pick somewhere then it is in different platform....I have also read u r sequel in different platform with coins(currently reading)...addicted to u r book

Karishma Shaik
16.07.2022, 14:30:56

I'm in love with this book author. you have done a great job. definitely it's one of my favorite book. looking forward for your other books.

Amisha Kapoor
16.07.2022, 12:29:36

Truly an amazing journey of love and emotions. Beautiful story Shipra ji. Just like you, my favourite are Preeti and Siddharth, their feelings, and the best part about them is the way they handle the circumstances and situations, not always right or not always wrong. they have their own share of mistakes, sufferings and happiness. I would have loved to have a chapter of James and Keerti.

Keep writing such beautiful stories. Looking forward to many more..

Meenu Loomba
16.07.2022, 11:43:57

when I was reading the epilogue I thought this is the end and I really had tears in my eyes cause I was already missing this couple.. but the sequel part has got me all excited.. It's such a pure story author.. I mean when sid left preeti even I started hating him cause I feel so connected to preeti... but as the story progressed u change my thought.. it is simply more than a story to me... trust me when I say this that this book is phenomenal... I really mean it... I am already excited for the sequel.. so wanna know their life after the marriage.. thank u for making the sequel too and writing this wonderful book

16.07.2022, 10:16:19

congratulations on completing your first story dear as you said you are going to answer our questions i have one question about sequel is it going to be about sid and preeti again or it will focus on others??

16.07.2022, 11:26:51

shipra saini, really then i can't wait to read it:)

Loveth Agbake
16.07.2022, 10:23:24

dear author congrats on the continuing ur book I really love your story so much n I want to thanks fr dis amazing story I really love it can't wait to read more stories from you

Rockboy 786
16.07.2022, 09:58:10

loved the ending

16.07.2022, 09:39:54

It is the best and my favorite book dear author, I really appreciate you for your hard work, I love the couple very much and miss them. I want to read the story hundred times

16.07.2022, 09:18:10

you completed it in one day God I'm going to miss them and I'm already excited to read more stories by you :-)

Usha Sanath Shetty
16.07.2022, 08:46:19

Sid and preeti my fav couple... we going to miss this .. i hope you come again with such beautiful story

Chanderika Sharma
16.07.2022, 06:32:38

Siddharth - Preeti my favourite couple.
When I see Siddharth and Preeti together in any scene that becomes my favourite ❤️.Overall the whole story is so lovely and heart-warming.Their love is so pure .Thank you for this story .

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