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Our Little Secret


Story about:nerd, hopeless romantic, womanizer

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On Hold: 19 Sep 24 pages

Publication: 06.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Our Little Secret"

Callie is a hopeless romantic. She's the epitome of it and the whole school knows it. Sometimes they wonder if there is someone who can even reach her expectations. But it's fine for Callie, she has secrets of her own when it comes to relationships.
She's perfectly fine with fictional relationships ... or is she?

Luke is a womanizer. He's the epitome of the word and the whole school knows it. Sometimes they wonder if he'll ever have a decent relationship. But he could care less. Secretly fancying the hopeless romantic he knows he'll never have, he thinks he can move on. But what if something makes them closer?
Will standards disappear? Will secrets be revealed? Will love spark?

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10.09.2020, 20:13:31

Update please

11.09.2020, 08:42:17

Davee, I wil! Ty for commenting! I’m working on it?