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Over the heels [bxb]

gorgeous geetanjali

Story about:collegeromance, gay love, lgbtq

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Publication: 14.08.2020 — 06.12.2020

Description of book "Over the heels [bxb]"

After coming out of closet and getting declined by own father,abhay tries to have his normal life with his mom in the new city 'Mumbai'.With nice grades,abhay gets his admission in the top college. In the new college,he meets his online crush Ankit who is kind of famous in his college with his killer body.
As his life takes turn with happiness while having mili and ankit by his side but somewhere his heart aches for the love of his dad. In the hope,his dad will love him. He says 'yes' to mili's proposal and starts his one side relationship with mili but soon all the cards are going to turn into something which no one is expecting.Every one is going to be in the place where they needs someone to handle the upcoming events but the player is only one with others are just puppets of destiny.


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Tezasweeta Thami
03.09.2020, 08:59:24

anxiously waiting for the new chapter

gorgeous geetanjali
03.09.2020, 19:30:46

Tezasweeta Thami, It will be out soon.

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