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Owned by a Billionaire

Young Lily

Story about:the story is about love

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 07 Oct 9 pages

Publication: 06.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Owned by a Billionaire"

With so much resentment in the world, Letticia got drunk in a club. In her desire to temporarily escape from reality, she did not even think about sleeping with a God-looking man. All she wanted is to atleast feel being wanted.

It's just a one night stand, Letticia thought. That's why she's surprised when the Billionaire Zacharias Buenaventura knocked at her door, telling her to marry him.

In just a snap, her life turned upside down. She don't have a choice but to give in to the charismatic heir.
With wanting to escape from her pathetic life, Letticia saw herself walking in the aisle towards her husband to be.

Letticia became the Billionaire's wife. Now, she's stucked with Zacharias, the very god looking Billionaire who manage to own her heart in just a few days of their marriage.


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Lovely Alba
12.12.2020, 18:18:49

added this to my library! i'm sure this already is one of the great story written ever! thank you for saving my 2020 :)

sana sherin
03.12.2020, 14:43:25

Pls update one epsoide

sana sherin
27.11.2020, 04:44:47

Pls update soon

Young Lily
27.11.2020, 12:08:48

sana sherin, I'm just focusing in my other story but I plan to finish this store this Dec.

Villainous Ann
11.10.2020, 14:33:24

I feel sorry to Letticia because people are too judgemental

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