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Ongoing: 02 Mar 31 pages

Publication: 04.02.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

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"Living a lie." — was the perfect sentence to describe Chichi's life. The fact that she was a witch was unknown to her and she had to find out the hardest way.


Chichi had moved to a new town to start afresh after the incident that had happened in the town she was raised in. She knew if she stayed away from humans, there were less chances of her repeating her mistake, but with the sudden, unusual cozy feelings she was getting from Eston Darwin, she was no longer sure if she could let it go, even when the consequences were vague to her.

To make matters worse, during a game night, three teenagers somehow awoke a demon, Pandora Daora, without realising she was more than a game. Now no one in Dan' Osis was safe and Chichi must do everything in her power and beyond to keep Eston safe.

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