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I saw someone walking down from the other side of the street which is odd because a house is supposed to be there. He was alone so I’m good I thought. He was moving very fast and with confidence with no fear. He was wearing a uniform, force apparel I think. He held something that looked like a whip. But only I can’t see the end of the whip. It’s like he was dragging down a storm with the whip. I quickly moved to the other couch and took out the other gun as he drew closer. He kept getting bigger as he moved closer, soon I could only see his chest, he moved closer into my house but didn’t exactly pass the door. He was in the house but his head and part of his body was over the roof, I looked up and it was like his face was buried in the cloud and my roof was gone


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Ushie Alex
29.08.2020, 12:03:24

Okay I don’t read fictional stories because I consider it a waste of my time but this, this has all the right amount of entertainment I want in a story. Keep it up! When is the next part coming out??

29.08.2020, 16:12:51

Ushie Alex, Thank you so much. Just follow my page and you will get a notification when I post the next part.

29.08.2020, 09:58:57

Love the humor in this story. Very captivating. Looking forward to the other part.

29.08.2020, 10:03:19

Michael, Thank you.

David Sheets
28.08.2020, 01:35:30

It was very compelling, I read it all in around 2 hours. I had to stop to do other things, but you have me interested in what comes next.

28.08.2020, 09:51:56

David Sheets, Thank you. I really do appreciate your comment

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