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Penny for your thoughts

Mushabe Melisa

Story about:highschool, romance, enemiestolovers

16 289

#443 in Young adult
#104 in ChickLit

On Hold: 04 May 6 pages

Publication: 29.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Penny for your thoughts"

Naomi Brookes has her last year of high school planned out. Amazing grades, her best friends, her brothers, aunt and best of all her soulmate, though there's another side of her, written on the pages of her diary to be kept secret forever. A secret no more when Alexander Wales, her rival gets his hands on it. Naomi is pushed on a very diffent coarse and position only she can pull her self back that is if she is able to withstand the pain awaiting.


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Novels By Taylin
01.05.2021, 10:02:58

Intriguing introduction, Author. Can't wait to start reading:)

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