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How do you solve the unsolvable?
DCI Daniel Cockburn has a unique talent for understanding murder. When it’s utterly unfathomable, intractably implausible or just wonderfully weird, he’s the man they send to investigate. He might not be popular, he might not even be liked, but he gets the job done.
Sent to a sleepy English village away from the public spotlight, he begins to investigate a particularly unusual confession and the strange circumstances that surround it.
Now he faces the most formidable case of his career. An improbable suspect, an unexpected infatuation and the occasionally bizarre locals all stand in his way. Against such a challenge can Daniel find a way to piece his life back together and unravel the dark mystery obscured by the idyllic beauty of the English countryside?


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Celeste I.
13.08.2019, 07:48:34

This is getting interesting; you had me hooked in the first chapter, which is impressive. I love a good mystery story, so far this is delivering nicely as that and as a drama. I liked the set up with the garden (although it stopped before we got that one reveal about Davenport), the chemistry between Daniel and Shaun is well done so far.

I'm not sure how old the characters are, or if Daniel murdered his wife or not, judging from the narrations or why, but considering one of the plot points in the description is 'piecing his life back together', I'm sure there'd be a great pay off to a lot of the questions I have. (Although I don't like the sound of 'unexpected infatuation,' that makes me worried about what directions it might go to)

My biggest gripe with this so far(besides Jacobs, who I think needs to die a painful death), is this. While the first three chapters were suspenseful and engaging, there were no answers or payoffs to that arc. And what did it have to do with the rest of the story so far? Will that go into play later on or something like that?

I'm enjoying the story so far, keep up the great work~

Celeste I.
15.08.2019, 10:54:14

Andrew Bradbury, Thanks so much, I didn't think you'd feel that way towards my comments, so I appreciate it!

So, there is a reason then? That's great to hear, I'm glad they'll be a payoff with the first three chapters, and I hope it's a satisfying one. Oh, but don't spoil it for me, I want it to be a surprise c:

Thank goodness, I was worried for a second there. But yeah, this is intriguing so far~

No, no, I had an idea(?) on how old some of the characters were, but I might be wrong by some parts (I'm pretty sure, but at the same time, some of the character descriptions either sound like they're older or younger than their actual age) so it's not your fault, I don't think you need to make it more obvious (give more mystery for the readers and all that, I think), I'm not smart at this, but I like these kinds of stories that require brainpower, so I don't know how to feel about this.

You're welcome, keep up the great work~

Jess Conibear
26.07.2019, 13:03:30

something like Agatha?

Andrew Bradbury
26.07.2019, 15:24:13

Jess Conibear, I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you referring to a previous comment or the writing?

Peter Andrews
19.06.2019, 11:22:51

all are guilty?

Joe Marh
13.06.2019, 12:46:34

love detective stories

Joe Marh
14.06.2019, 10:52:09

Andrew Bradbury, I love unexpected plot twists ;)

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