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Planetrise and Moonfall

Tony Spencer

Story about:rebellion, treasure, imperialism

Age restriction: 18+

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#15 in Science fiction
#1 in Space opera

Complete 90 pages

Publication: 25.04.2022 — 30.04.2022

Description of book "Planetrise and Moonfall"

Ivan Merciant was the son of a Duke, but in the Galactic Republic of the last 20 Terran-years, all the old trappings of Empire had been swept away and bough out that time Ivan had been locked away hidden deep within the Republic Penal System.

An anachronism of his time Ivan might be but once released from prison he had access to the hidden Merciant Treasury and trained to meld with zulon aliens with access to interstellar wormhole travel, so for the time being he was useful to the space pirates and professional concubine that employed him to find and share the old treasury.

But once the Treasury was revealed, who long would Ivan survive the share out of the fabulous prize that awaits them?


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