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Book. "Please... Punish me sweetly" read online

Please... Punish me sweetly

Julia Romush

Story about:passion and love, boss and subordinate, powerful hero

Age restriction: 18+

89 1664

#49 in Erotic
#106 in Romance

Ongoing: 26 Mar 58 pages

Publication: 05.03.2023 — ...

Description of book "Please... Punish me sweetly"

"This is such a cool man!" - I thought, greedily looking at the handsome man at the next table.
Eh, if only I knew how this evening would end ...
To get behind bars, as the last prostitute, to fall into the hands of an evil lieutenant colonel, and drive him to madness? Yes, yes, I can do it, it's all mine, pack it, please!
And as soon as I decided that all my troubles are behind me, this ... this ... Ghoul immediately appears in my life!
And the lieutenant colonel turned out to be retired, but now a very successful businessman.
How he smiled at me when he remembered me ... Well, that's all, now he will definitely not remain in debt to me!
Well, I am a girl who is not afraid of fear, so afraid, comrade lieutenant colonel, an interesting continuation awaits you and me!

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Esther Ivory
23.03.2023, 12:27:01

pls update.... interesting

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