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Book. "Political Matrimony" read online

Political Matrimony


Story about:forced marriage, tragedy love and loss, marriage for families

Age restriction: 18+

12 144

#219 in Short stories
#2759 in Romance

On Hold: 24 Sep 36 pages

Publication: 29.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Political Matrimony"

The Raazis and the Mukaatys are two power-hungry families that are willing to go to any extent to maintain their monopoly in the town of Khor. Political marriages have always been their most useful tool in consolidating powers. ‘Political Matrimony’ narrates the story of such a marriage that brings the son of the Mukaatys and the daughter of the Raazis together who are soon faced with the truth about the nature of their relationship. But once you are married to a Mukaaty, the only way out is death. Will the couple ever become fond of each other? Or will they be stuck with each other forever?

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06.08.2022, 04:00:36

Hello guys! I’m Aimen. I am a new writer on Booknet and I am very excited to tell you Nuwera’s story. I hope you guys keep reading. I would love to read your comments and feedback so feel free to comment whatever comes to your mind after reading a chapter. Looking forward to read your comments❤️

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