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On Hold: 06 Oct 3 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Polluted Love"

18-year-old Kiara Sargento had a quiet, some would even say 'mediocre', life. Living in an age-old *hacienda*, being hunted down by some unknown assailant, and most of all, surviving an airplane crash were circumstances she can only dream of. But what happens when one day, she receives a letter which turns her idyllic life upside-down?

To further complicate matters, she finds herself as the object of desire of two billionaire businessmen. As she struggles to comprehend the world she has been thrown into, she must learn to navigate the interests of her heart and make a decision that could alter her life or ruin it forever.

Will Kiara be able to figure out all the answers in time? Or will one hidden secret finally bury her alive?


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