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Story about:true love and selflessness

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Description of book "Present me my man"

The journey of Rose knight who's looking for her dream man. What do u think? Who will become her MAN?...

"Will you marry me, Rose Night?" Roy asked with a nervous smile.

"Yes," She said as soon as she accepts his proposal he slides the purple diamond ring in her ring finger

"I love you, Rose," He said

"I love you too Roy" And with that, they kissed.

"Do you accept miss Rose Night as your wife?" The priest asked him.

"Yes," He said with a smile.

"And do you accept Mr. Lucas Eric Winslet as your husband?" The priest asked her she heaved a sigh before saying.

"Yes," She said and with that everyone clapped.

"Now you too are husband & wife and now you may kiss the bride".

I know it not an excellent summary but trust me the story is a way better than the summary.

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