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Description of book "Present me my man"

Roy Grayson, the only son of a pompous business executive, is said to be the most arrogant and rude, who never entertains nor respects anyone. His handsome, sexy, and charming personality attracts lots of women. None of his relationships lasts for 2 or 3 weeks, not because the girl dumps him because of his arrogant attitude, but because he gets bored with them. Girls are like time pass for him, he uses them until he gets tired or gets another one. Now, what can you guess when a person like Roy Grayson falls in love with someone, someone who hardly gives attention to anyone?.


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Amruta Ingule
09.03.2021, 16:46:25

what is ur Id name there and is book's name same??? I'd like to give it a try

Amruta Ingule
25.02.2021, 17:30:20

but the name on description of protagonist is different from the story..

09.03.2021, 15:25:01

Amruta Ingule, Thanks for reading my work dear, actually I'm no longer updating on this platform... You may continue this work on Inkitt. Thanks again for liking my work :)

Amruta Ingule
25.02.2021, 17:29:56

Why haven't u updated???

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