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Book. "President Min ||myg||(president)" read online

President Min ||myg||(president)

Sofy Hian

Story about:love romance, president, myg

Age restriction: 18+

57 3199

#16 in Fanfiction
#1114 in Romance

Complete 52 pages

Publication: 22.08.2022 — 23.08.2022

Description of book "President Min ||myg||(president)"

It's the story of South Korea's president Mr.Min Yoongi, who is heartless, emotionless, psycho, and cold. No one knows his dark side or his dark past. He belongs to a big Royal Family, after his father he becomes Korea's President. In this world, he is a Good president but also a cold person. What will happen when President Min Yoongi falls for a blind girl Y/n? She becomes his sinful desire, his dark obsession. He started stalking her, he never let her go away from his sight. He can do anything for her .........

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25.09.2022, 09:47:28

Ooo author this book was really different than your other book i really liked it thanks for this book

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