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Ongoing: 15 May 100 pages

Publication: 25.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Pretty Little Fears"

Ugly, disguising, repulsing and plain were only a few 'compliments' Adana was accustomed to. Finally deciding she had had enough, she works hard to get the perfect revenge body she wanted and the table seemed to have flipped on her past enemies.

The Richard twins. The perfect pair of polar opposite, move to Lakeland falls after escaping a possible death threat. What happens when they both seem pulled towards the melanin goddess in form of Adana Spindly.


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anna marry
23.12.2021, 09:07:37

nice story, when is the next chapter?

Onyinyechukwu CJ
15.05.2022, 07:23:26

anna marry, A new chapter was just uploaded.

Ruphina Raphael
05.10.2020, 19:06:08

Hooking and interesting first chapters ❣❤

Onyinyechukwu CJ
06.10.2020, 18:26:35

Ruphina Raphael, thank you hun

Ruphina Raphael
05.10.2020, 19:04:45

Comment has been deleted

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