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Prides Sonnet

Infinite Mayhem

2 9 1963

#367 in Romantic suspense
#169 in Suspense

On Hold: 21 Jun 19 pages

Publication: 20.06.2019 — ...

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On the most wonderful night of all: Christmas. The night takes a dark turn as poets come together to celebrate their hard work that then escalates into jealousy and tragedy. A thriller love story of characters torn apart. A story of poets that will do anything to sabotage each other in order for stardom.

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Dennis Norman 27.06.2019, 19:41:49

Life is a mystery

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Infinite Mayhem 27.06.2019, 22:59:51

Dennis Norman, Are you enjoying it?

Miri Golden 23.06.2019, 14:34:51

even though it is summertime I love stories about Christmas, they also have such a cozy atmosphere

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Infinite Mayhem 23.06.2019, 15:47:36

Miri Golden, Thank you!

Jeanette Adams 21.06.2019, 16:02:01

don't forget to update!

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Jeanette Adams 22.06.2019, 13:30:03

Infinite Mayhem, yeeees!

Ashley Lewel 20.06.2019, 23:36:15

I'm in love

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Infinite Mayhem 21.06.2019, 09:37:04

Ashley Lewel, Thank you very much!

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