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Princess And The Harems

Jade Nights

Story about:gods and goddesses, all types of romance, timetravel

Age restriction: 18+

9 9

#6620 in Romance
#2028 in Fantasy

On Hold: 14 Sep 20 pages

Publication: 14.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Princess And The Harems"

An orphan, Xuan Ya, a 15 years old girl, living a perfect and glamorous teenage lives in a luxurious lives with her foster father and uncles. Alot of secret been hidden from her by her family and friends, all about her past lives and biggest mistakes she had caused to her loved ones, all the memories she had lost because of the accident occured to her last year, which causes her to suffered an amnesia. She died in the modern world, being killed by her ex-boyfriend's sister who beared grudges towards her, her body and souls dissapeared and transmigerated to Tian Kingdom, the omegaverse world, home of Gods and Goddesses and all creatures. There she was mistook as the missing Xueyu, An alpha Princess of Tian Kingdom, daughter of two alpha princes Xufeng and Runyu...


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