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Book. "Princess Claire [sixth Princess Of Aither]" read online

Princess Claire [sixth Princess Of Aither]

Taiwo Jayeoba

Story about:royalty, royal conspiracy, schemes and love

43 270

#45 in Contemporary fiction
#665 in Romance

Ongoing: 01 Dec 65 pages

Publication: 14.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "Princess Claire [sixth Princess Of Aither]"

Princess Claire is the most beautiful, elegant and respected princess among all the seven princesses of Aither kingdom being the king's favourite earn her a lot of hatred but she couldn't care less as she dominate the palace.
Falling into a trap one night she suddenly became fiancé to Prince Michael her 'Hansome Savior' but having to move to another Kingdom where she's the last and powerless among the other princesses, Princess Claire fought her way to the top trampling on her opponents and dominating her husband Kingdom.
Prince Michael is the last prince of his kingdom with no interest in the throne unlike his three brothers after an incident he became engaged to Princess Claire.


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Jennifer Zeigler
02.12.2022, 09:41:45

I am glad that I found this story. It is very captivating and has amazing storyline

Bel Espada
24.11.2022, 09:32:16

Update pelase.

Bel Espada
24.11.2022, 04:49:55

Update please.

Bel Espada
22.11.2022, 11:17:57

Loved the story. Please update more.

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