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Promising Droplets


Story about:school, childhood friends, shortstory

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Publication: 15.08.2020 — 30.08.2020

Description of book "Promising Droplets"

They have been together for 16 years. Both were your typical childhood friends, sweet with each other, caring to each other, and loving with each other. But one of them wanted more than being together. During their graduation in highschool, before he leaves to live off with a relative at canada, he wants this chance, to finally tell her his true feelings, and give her a memory she will never forget about him. of the many chances he had in life, why does it have to be now?


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Vijay Kerji
16.08.2020, 15:08:37

Your story appears promising. I will wait for the updates.

16.08.2020, 15:55:58

Vijay Kerji, yes sir

Gracie Ella leonard
15.08.2020, 21:57:21

wowww, Eager to read more. please follow me back and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or save it in your library, thanks❤❤

16.08.2020, 03:33:44

Gracie Ella leonard, Sounds marvelous! sure, I'll read and add it to my library :)

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