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Prophecy of Esmeray


Story about:vampire, human and vampire love, fantasy romance

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“The howling wind shall murmur the maiden’s name whilst the blinding light of the sun must ally with the moon’s shadows. She who was saved by the blood-sucking creature shall face the wrath of the demons who failed to feast with her scrumptious soul,"

Soleil Williams is an adventurous 22-year old adult who wanted to escape the shackles that her village has invisibly placed on her hands and feet. Despite the good treatment that she received from them, she always knew that something wasn't right. In the eagerness to escape the grasp of the village's people she began to commit disobedience which caused her to face punishments that put her in danger.

A story about unfolding one's history and a whirl-wind romance that will put her in danger as she meets Caelum Lewis, an atypical vampire.

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