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Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2


Series: The Humane Series

Story about:young adult, teenromance, shifter

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Publication: 21.03.2019 — 07.05.2019

Description of book "Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2"

Eight months ago, 15-year-old shifter Mera Shayle fell into the hands of a family of hunters. Much has changed for Mera, after a life of abuse and torment at the hands of her father, she now tries to live a normal, stable life, falling harder for the blue -eyed hunter Talon Theron. But the past is not so easy to leave behind. So Mera must return to the place of her birth, to learn who she is, and how to control her gifts.Things are not as they seem in the idyllic town full of shifters. For in Valle Del Lagarto Mexico, the roots of corruption and dark dealings run deep beneath its pristine streets. The mastermind behinde this underworld is Mera's own grandfather Atticus Shayle. And the price to be paid for refusing to play Atticus's dark and twisted games, is the life of the boy Mera loves.


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06.08.2020, 21:11:13

Oh myyy.. Read the last 10 chapters and dear Lord.. It's been sooo long since I got so many goosebumps and my eyes pooled with tears over a story!! Damn!

AnnaRCase guru
06.08.2020, 21:35:59

ZARA, Thank you so much :)

05.08.2020, 17:37:14

I'm hooked to the story and I just can't set it aside.. I've reached chapter 60 and I am so tempted to peek at the last chapter due to impatience building up. I so damn want to know if Mera manages to take Atticus down and flee with Talon back home though a part of me kinda suspects it isn't going to end with only 10 chap left. Decided to go through the comments and confirmed my suspicion. Part of me wants to cry!
You write so well and at times the fictious species "shifters" don't even feel fictious at all! All the description, the pain, the emotion and by times, relatable real situations make the story so real and so good; The wise words of Gideon as a father, the recklessness of Talon as a teenager, the bullying of a definitely frustrated and hurting Claire, the unconditional love of the Therons, the love and care of Mera, her confusion and sometimes guilt, the way she takes responsibility and endured so much.. Aahh don't have enough words! So much character development and so good stories! I'm going to read the 10 chap left and wait with a heavy heart for book 3 :/

AnnaRCase guru
06.08.2020, 13:47:29

ZARA, :)

Kajumba Vanitah
03.06.2020, 14:54:13

when is this all going to end. .

Kajumba Vanitah
04.06.2020, 13:02:10

AnnaRCase, I shall patiently wait, you're such a good writer.

05.02.2020, 06:59:20

love this story so much and your books!

AnnaRCase guru
05.02.2020, 15:40:07

Thank you. I really appreciate you reading my books and comments:)

Amie Knight
22.04.2019, 14:43:32

love this story

AnnaRCase guru
22.04.2019, 19:02:12

Amie Knight, Glad you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and commenting:) The 3rd book in this series is in progress.

Sharon Brooke
19.04.2019, 00:00:48

publish more please

AnnaRCase guru
19.04.2019, 02:34:50

Sharon Brooke, Will do:) Thanks for reading and commenting!

Kath Snit
12.04.2019, 11:42:20

Humane is amazing, this one is also cool

AnnaRCase guru
12.04.2019, 20:14:24

Kath Snit, Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it! I'm actually writing book number 3 .

04.04.2019, 08:34:28

I'm enjoying this book when is the next update.

AnnaRCase guru
04.04.2019, 20:48:48

Annatjie Shikongo, I can update today :) Thanks for reading!

Alexis Danford
03.04.2019, 13:58:47

I´m enjoying it

AnnaRCase guru
03.04.2019, 15:28:24

Alexis Danford, Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Cira Shalash
26.03.2019, 12:44:33

appreciate your updates

AnnaRCase guru
26.03.2019, 13:38:02

Cira Shalash, Thanks. My app is glitchy so for some reason I cant read any updates to my books in the app. I have to do it through the browser only.So not sure if this is just a problem with me or others too.

Ana Arrigo
25.03.2019, 12:05:31


AnnaRCase guru
25.03.2019, 12:29:20

Ana Arrigo, Thanks for reading.! Glad you like it.

24.03.2019, 17:26:18

love it

AnnaRCase guru
25.03.2019, 02:01:26

Grace, So glad you like it! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Catsoline Grace
23.03.2019, 13:40:43

enjoyed the previous part and now starting this one

AnnaRCase guru
23.03.2019, 15:09:58

Catsoline Grace, Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm actually currently writing the third book to this series :)

Nicole Preedy
22.03.2019, 11:39:37

oh great

AnnaRCase guru
22.03.2019, 12:13:17

Nicole Preedy, I don't know if you have read the first part Humane, but I certainly suggest it before you read this one. Thanks for commenting.

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