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Book. "Psychopath || Jjk " read online

Psychopath || Jjk

Lilith Writex

Story about:btsfanfic, bts jungkook, fanfiction

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 28 Oct 19 pages

Publication: 04.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Psychopath || Jjk "

"A doll."

"A doll? But aren't you too old for that?" asked his father, as Jungkook would always ask for dolls, when he was a kid, and would do unexplainable, things with the plastic doll.

"But I want a doll."

"Ahh ok, ok lets get you then." said, his father, but Jungkook shook his head, and pointed his finger, at the girl, who was seated on the bench, probably waiting for her mother, or father, with a teddy on her hand.

"I want that doll." he said, making his parents to turn their head. They looked at the girl, probably 14 or 15 year old seated on the bench, with a teddy on her embrace.

"Umm but she isn't a doll, she is human, baby, or do you want a teddy just like she have?"


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Srijani dev
06.03.2023, 19:10:37

next part??????
next part plzzzz...............
i want update plzz>>>>>>>>
update please!

Cindy Chris
13.11.2022, 15:55:41

Hope this story never ends tragedly like others.

11.11.2022, 19:02:17

It's so nice
Nxt when will u update
Update the nxt part as soon as you can

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