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Qeterbek Palace (the Saiopia Duology, Book Two)

Julianna Gabriel

Series: The Saiopia Duology

Story about:magic, true love, romance fantasy

131 7464

#844 in Romantic fantasy
#439 in Dark fantasy

Complete 247 pages

Publication: 06.07.2019 — 05.08.2020

Description of book "Qeterbek Palace (the Saiopia Duology, Book Two)"

This is the sequel to Ink and Ice. Hope you enjoy!

Peter Ringdulous used to live a normal life. But he and his best friend, Azure Thresh, were abducted by the psychotic King of Saiopia. Submerged in the glamorous and magic-filled world of the Roth and the Immar Court, Peter discovers that the world of magic is darker than he had ever expected. He is forced to alter his definition of reality itself — and his own identity. With Azure's life and sanity in peril, he must push past his limits and discover a side of himself that he didn't know existed.

To save Azure, he must cross a boundary that few have ever crossed before. But if it means saving the girl he loves, Peter will do anything — even obeying a King whose plans will tear Saiopia apart.


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Olugbemi Deborah
30.05.2020, 13:39:14

This is great piece. Keep it up b. Lots of love

Olugbemi Deborah
28.06.2020, 22:25:14

08.11.2019, 02:32:06


Julianna Gabriel
09.11.2019, 05:21:19

Giggi, thank you!

Dorian Early
31.10.2019, 22:21:08

very enjoyable reading

Julianna Gabriel
02.11.2019, 23:29:41

Dorian Early, thank you so much!

Tedd Kirsten
30.10.2019, 09:45:43

good narrative

Julianna Gabriel
31.10.2019, 00:52:26

Tedd Kirsten, thank you!!

Peter Bishop
03.10.2019, 22:33:49

the plan is simple

Maira Digt
02.10.2019, 19:37:45

how rapidly is he going to teach him?

Julianna Gabriel
03.10.2019, 00:55:14

Maira Digt, Keep reading to find out ;)

Mark Pearson
01.10.2019, 18:33:14

it's a palace, that's why everything is so huge

Nickolas Harbourt
28.09.2019, 17:19:37

good book

Julianna Gabriel
30.09.2019, 02:51:51

Nickolas Harbourt, thank you!

Andy Rose
11.09.2019, 19:30:13

when do you update?

Andy Rose
27.09.2019, 18:33:45

Julianna Gabriel, thank you, amazing!

Anthony Sterling
08.09.2019, 14:42:35

the description is extreme eye-catching, tempting to read the story

Anthony Sterling
09.09.2019, 21:25:12

Julianna Gabriel, I need to confess that I really do.

Roza Csergo
10.08.2019, 21:42:25

Wooooow awesome cover. Gonna have to finish reading the first one fast.

Julianna Gabriel
10.08.2019, 21:52:11

Roza Csergo, :D thank you. I hope you are enjoying it!

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