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Queen Of His Heart


Story about:romance, ceo, billionaire love

Age restriction: 18+

25 50

#2794 in Billionaires
#965 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 16 Sep 2 pages

Publication: 11.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Queen Of His Heart "

Angelica a 21 year old who doesn't know anything about her parents or family. Only her best friend beside her to support her. Living in this world all alone working as hard as possible to live. What happens when she meets someone who doesn't wants to let her go? What happens when she finds something she didn't expect?

Xavier Knight 25 years old a famous billionaire. Who gets what ever he wants. He does not believe in relationship because of something that happened to him years ago. He only cares about his family and no one else. But what happens when someone catches his eye. Will he be able to forget his past and move on? Or will be stuck forever in the past?
Lets join the journey of Xavier and Angelica to know what happens to them.


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