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Description of book "Queerah"

"Once upon a time, there lived an androgynous queen who fell in love with a passionate emperor and a charming metalworker." I bet you haven't heard of an intersex monarch who ruled in secrecy and torn between love and duty. So take a journey into a retelling of a queer fairy tale, which was wittingly and willingly erased in the pages of stories by a rivalrous royal couple, all because of greed, jealousy, and mistaken identity. Can true love ever prevail over evil? Turn to page one and find out. ^_^


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Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
10.04.2020, 07:34:04

woah...ok...I'm adding this to my library ❤

Marilyn Lucero
10.04.2020, 07:16:10

Hi! Finally found your books. :-)

K.R Webber
05.04.2020, 12:58:43

Whoa! The new cover is awesome.

Aeoald Serne Beuel
05.04.2020, 10:01:19

K.R Webber, Haha! I went to the source of free images based on the link you shared and just used MS Word for the cover (sorry, can't photoshop). ;-) Thanks so much for the kind words.

Analie Israel
01.04.2020, 13:35:39


Analie Israel
02.04.2020, 06:10:41

Analie Israel, Sure sir :) I will :)

Calupaz Tizon Jerric
01.04.2020, 15:12:44

Beautiful ❤❤❤? interesting novels❤❤

Aeoald Serne Beuel
01.04.2020, 15:26:17

Calupaz Tizon Jerric, Thank you so much for your kind words, Jerric! ^_^

Jessica Wright
29.03.2020, 23:38:16

The title feels a little heavy handed. Maybe, find another way to let us know what this is about

Aeoald Serne Beuel
31.03.2020, 04:30:40

Jessica Wright, i mean to give detailed descriptions of what seems queer about the character haha

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