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"it's been decided before your birth,
your name was being called out even before your first breath,
your story started as a normal human-being life but the reason he saved you was the reason of your existence in the first place."
"but he is the reason of my existence."

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Marilyn Lucero 25.03.2020, 10:52:25

Hi, I have read a few chapters and I find it interesting. I have read your name introduced on the writer's club so I follow you.

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SaLuLu 25.03.2020, 21:38:50

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters as well.
Will follow as well.

Esraa Nuriko 17.03.2020, 19:27:26

I read the next chapter, heading for the next ;D. Keep going ;)

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Esraa Nuriko 18.03.2020, 09:39:58

SaLuLu, Not at all, dear :D

Izzy 08.03.2020, 00:54:36


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SaLuLu 08.03.2020, 15:56:18

Thank you

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