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Publication: 22.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Redemption"

When Lou thought she had found her happiness. Her world started to crumble.

She opened the bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. Took a handful and put it in her mouth.

Please, don't save me.

For her, continue living is a cursed.


“God, can you give me permission to go down there and help those people?”

“Are you willing to surrender your other wing?”

“Yes, my Lord.”
“Then go as you wish. I will be with you all through the way. But my son, bear in mind, that you cannot get your other wing back if you broke the rule.”

He nodded, being an angel you are not allowed to fall in love with a human.
Or you can never go back to heaven, lose your immortality and other wing forever..

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22.02.2021, 17:58:14

more updates please

22.02.2021, 18:41:23

Ajita Singh, Thank you, I will be posting another updates tomorrow.

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