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Redwood Manor

Adia Smith

Age restriction: 18+

9 1069

#179 in Paranormal
#2368 in Fantasy

On Hold: 21 Apr 0 pages

Publication: 16.04.2019 — ...

Description of book "Redwood Manor "

Redwood Academy, formally known as Redwood Manor held an eery past looming over it. Haunted by the rumors of the first ever hybrid (half demon, half werewolf) murdering his human wife and unborn child. Now, it housed many different college students not only teaching them core life skills but also teaching them to accept and control each individual supernatural powers.

Soon, after the death of her twin sister, Allyssa Cairo would grace the campus of Redwood Academy against her will. She could be the most powerful being they've ever seen but that is what she fears most.
Constantly haunted by the past and ominous visions of his ex wife for two decades, the infamous Kai Augustine finally returns to Redwood Manor but not to retain his tittle as owner of the estate but to become a professor.


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Jeanette Adams
20.04.2019, 21:29:12

don´t stop, keep it up

Andrew Acton
19.04.2019, 19:21:35

quite interesting annotation, will add it

Adia Smith
20.04.2019, 04:44:02

Andrew Acton, Thank you

Lizzie Dunlap
18.04.2019, 23:59:28

cool, want more

Adia Smith
20.04.2019, 04:43:48

Lizzie Dunlap, Updating tomorrow

Kerry Ward
17.04.2019, 14:20:53

keep it up

Adia Smith
20.04.2019, 04:43:34

Kerry Ward, I will

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