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Reunion Of Souls

Priya Amour

Story about:humor, care, long lost love

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#57 in Contemporary Romance
#110 in Billionaires

Complete 141 pages

Publication: 05.09.2021 — 12.09.2022

Description of book "Reunion Of Souls"

Daniel king being a wealthy man also being the worst nightmare for his enemies. Creating a whole empire away from his hometown, he is now returning to his homeland as the thought of something missing increases in his heart.

On the hand, Rosalynn is living with her friends with no planned future. It's not she is careless but she is satisfied with what she has and she has no idea that the biggest part of her is missing and on its way to her.

The story of two orphans who got in between the player called time.


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Rashmiprava Mohanta
22.07.2022, 20:40:40

Nice story.... love your writing

Priya Amour
22.07.2022, 21:18:50

Rashmiprava Mohanta, Thank you.

Urvi Katira
04.07.2022, 22:34:17

Woww... Touched by this story author.. you should get more likes and comments on this book of yours. Pls give it a read guys... It's short and sweet... I completed this book in 3 hours

Priya Amour
05.07.2022, 01:45:23

Urvi Katira, Thank you, dear.

Preeti Shyamal
17.06.2022, 15:54:21

Hii, I am a new author. Please help me to attain followers. I will follow you back if you favor me to follow me back . thank you

Priya Amour
17.06.2022, 16:42:39

Preeti Shyamal, Done, dear. Please do the same.

14.06.2022, 13:54:32

Awesome book author ❤️
I just loved ur writing ?
Take care of yourself and give us more books author ❤️

Priya Amour
14.06.2022, 15:38:58

Madhu, Thank you, dear. Also please check my other books in the profile if you still didn't and let me your thoughts on other books also.

Shailu Sarang
13.03.2022, 10:34:06

really a fntastic story dear ..... loved it very much ..... keep rocking

Arshita Navin
21.09.2021, 16:30:01

Hey author, I really really loved the book, the characters, the scene, the twist and turns and what not.. It was really different story I have read till now.. Can't keep my self from finishing it in just 2 days..
The point where Daniel announced himself as the real king was just mind blowing..
But only one complain I have not complain actually wish. I want their past to be more defined.. That's it
But I really loved it. Want to read such more books from you

Priya Amour
21.09.2021, 17:13:01

Arshita Navin, Hey Arshita, I'm really happy that you loved my book. And thank you for your opinion too. I'll try my best to add something more expressive. Thank you. Please share with your friends and follow me for more interesting stories

Clauditte Salado
19.09.2021, 08:37:36

i really love this

Priya Amour
19.09.2021, 13:56:44

Clauditte Salado, Thank you. Please share with your friends.