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On Hold: 22 Nov 12 pages

Publication: 22.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Rhonda Michele"

Zena Watson is a beautiful, smart, funny, and curvaceous woman that allowed her insecurities to cripple her in the romance department. She did not expect a weekend getaway with her sassy niece to lead to a kidnapping, a shootout, and an African Billionaire that blew up the wall surrounding her heart.
When Samson Motsepe left South Africa for a business trip to New Orleans he never realized he would become the hero in Zena Watson's adventure across two continents. He was not a man that lived in fear and loved a challenged, he would have Zena Watson by any means necessary.


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28.11.2020, 09:00:53

Please update!

D Sapphire
23.11.2020, 20:35:18

Hey waiting for updates ( ╹▽╹ )

Rhonda Michele
25.11.2020, 07:58:24

Kavita Yenurkar, Hello, Kavita, I am sorry for the delay. I am working on the next few chapters and will upload more soon. Thank you for the "like" and again sorry for the delay.