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Rides of Our Promises

Hiraya Cross

Series: Memories of Tomorrow

Story about:billionaire romance, boss and secretary, ceo and his pa

Age restriction: 18+

40 841

#337 in Billionaires
#170 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 47 pages

Publication: 16.04.2022 — 17.04.2022

Description of book "Rides of Our Promises"

It was typical for him to find her personality annoying. She got on his nerves and wormed her way to his heart. Aya tagged her boss as off-limits, made him her unwilling confidant, annoyed him every work day, but it’s undeniable that she learned so much from him, turned her life around and her view on a lot of things. When she found out his true feelings for her, would she be able to convince him to let it out?

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Usha Sanath Shetty
18.04.2022, 09:49:44

it's a nice story... and appreciate ur skill of writing

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