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Rise of the Viscerebus

Oz Mari G

Story about:romance fantasy, romance and mature content, viscera eater

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 24.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "Rise of the Viscerebus"

Yuana and Roald were born to a privileged existence. Destiny gave each of them everything one could ask for in life: a loving family, a booming career, and great friends. The one thing they want above all else is the only thing destiny denied them both—each other.
She is a Viscerebus, a viscera-eater, an Aswang. He is a human. Historically, her kind prey on humans to exist, his kind hunt Viscerebus for survival. The Viscerebus had been carefully hidden from human society for centuries. But her secret cannot be kept from him if they are to embark on a life together. To tell him is to endanger his life, to keep the Veil of Secrecy is to disappear from his forever. Would she be able to tell him? Would he be able to accept her?
Then Fate upped the stakes—she was more than what she thought sh

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