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Lost soul

Story about:age gap kinky romantic erotica

Age restriction: 18+

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#689 in Contemporary Romance
#498 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 25 May 20 pages

Publication: 13.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Roman"

Julia Anderson is 23 year old girl. She kind independent and loving person. Her parents loved her. But one mistake of her father lead her to a new life that she never seen with unwanted feelings.

Roman knight 30 year old billionaire. He is the ceo of the knight enterprises and underworld Don of the Italian mafia. Everyone fears him.

"I fucking hate you Roman" I screemed at him.His low chuckle send chilled down my spine and I involuntarily took a step back from him as he took menacing steps towards me." You didn't said when I tied you to my bed with my face buried between your thighs. "He sneered on my face. Fury took on me and took my hand to hit him. Before my hand could touch his face he hold my wrists
What happened when these two meets. Will sparks formed or any disaster happened.


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Juvaria Aijaz
02.05.2021, 14:14:00

pls update

Lost soul
03.05.2021, 00:53:37

Juvaria Aijaz, I'll update tomorrow dear....

Edna Palomares
26.04.2021, 17:19:12

Hmmm.. i like this novel! Pls do long chapter..thanks

Nasima Mulla
18.04.2021, 23:19:37

Interesting start. please update more.

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