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Ongoing: 20 Jun 115 pages

Publication: 09.06.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Romance And Drama "

After the death of her loving mother, Riya Sharma, falls into depression. Her worried father decides to send her to Sweden where her childhood best friend Mansi resides.
Kailash Mehra, the elder brother of Mansi, works as a drama professor ends up falling in love with his sister's friend.
Both of them are made for each other but what if the fate has some other plans for them?

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16.06.2021, 23:56:56

Your book is really awesome dear author just couldn't resist reading. It's way too far inexpressible. Loved it and yeah one more thing Here i request all the readers, actually who so ever is reading my comment currently except the author pls it's a request to u to hit the like button just for the sake bcoz it deserves a like. Besides the author has worked really hard inspite of the problems we are unaware of and i definitely know she also has studies to do still she did to make us enjoy at the best. So it's just really deserving appreciation and besides we all read it right? And at last to you author, No mattter what my support is always with you dear. Just have faith in urself, get going in same way and u might know one is never the less and billionaire is never the highest. So just keep it up and i could here just end it by praying that you might be blessed with your success wherever u r seeking to. But I request u only one thing please don't make the book paid.. please..its my humble request. Afterall thanks for making it so interesting to read. Really loved it❤ Regards "Sakshi"

Anna Sebastian
17.06.2021, 10:58:51

Sakshi, ❤️

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