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Romance For The Hopeless Romantic


Story about:drama, hopeless romantic, romance comedy

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Publication: 26.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Romance For The Hopeless Romantic"

They say love is like a journey, starting at forever and lasts at never... But what if it never really started? Since there's only one person that's in love. Will there ever be a chance for the hopeless romantics?

This story is about a girl, Brianna Silvestré, and her one sided love for a boy she admired from afar, Aiden Croft, and on how she was given a chance to experience an adventure of a genuine love for the first time, one that isn't written in a book.

"Tell me the story about how the moon love the sun so much that she died every daylight to let him shine."

-Brianna Silvestré


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