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Description of book "Room Mates"

After locking the door she headed for her class when someone knocked at the door hard. She made sure there's no one inside then? She darted towards the door, to cross check. Turned out it wasn't locked and there is no one inside.

But the moment she turned around, there was something....right in front of her.


Osheen is about to start her new life as a medical student. She is excited to live out of her parent's roof and do something big. She even got a room with her lucky No.69, Now the only thing left is meeting her Roommates. For every college student, the hostel becomes a second home and friends a part of the family.

But what will she do when her lucky number turns out unlucky?

And the friends she trends to call family are something entirely different?

Something....not human?

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D Sapphire
30.04.2021, 17:30:18

ya waiting for update dear I have added it to library okay waiting waiting and waiting

30.04.2021, 14:41:59

D Sapphire, thanks for the enthusiasm dear :)

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