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Story about:truelove, lgbtq romance, explicit language

Age restriction: 18+

60 1003

#16 in LGBT
#1139 in Romance

Ongoing: 19 Mar 101 pages

Publication: 18.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Roommates"

Ace Fernandes, is a fashion model by profession. Girls go head over heels for him, which is no surprise. According to grapevine, he is known for being a flirt, someone who sleeps around with any girl who draws his attention. On the other hand, Samuel is a thorough professional, a complete no-nonsense person. He loves his work and is a very dedicated person. His only relationship with a girl is with his bestfriend and boss, Jenny.

One person is a total fuckboy while the other is a soft boy. They are thrown into a situation and are forced to live together under one roof. Even if they don't hate each other, they surely don't like each other either.

But, as it is rightly said, "Opposites attract."

Keep reading to find out more about their opposite personality yet the undeniable attraction.


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