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Ongoing: 19 Sep 27 pages

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Description of book "Rose Black 2 - The Hard Core"

Three years in the Hellish doctoring Training Camp, A death sentenced Ordered by her own mother, due to a misunderstanding that she no longer remembered. Maltreated, almost raped, almost killed, Rose has not choice but to become the death sentence of her mother. She is back for revenged.

At the very sight of her, Vivian Black's heart leap to her throat in fear, 'How's she still life? Did the S.H not do their job?' she ponders on these thoughts “I'll have to get the job done.' she mutters to herself.

“Karma is a bitch, mother,” Rose mutters

Despite her coldblooded heart, Rose couldn't help but fall for the divorced, intruding, handsome bastard, Doc Clay.

You are in for an action pack family saga,
taking a peek into Rose Past, you'll understand where her strength comes from.


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laxi coll
16.09.2021, 17:05:18

oh.... what a monster indeed, they deserved what they got

Rumesa Faheem
16.09.2021, 01:46:43

I want her to go back and beat the shit out of his mother and his unborn child which will be now born what kind of mother is she such an asshole and his father is blind in love idiot. I really really like the story and make Rose the queen which she deserve to be and don't make her weak emotionally in front everyone even in front of his father.

Mecey Uyi
11.09.2021, 15:40:58


09.09.2021, 20:37:11


force john
09.09.2021, 20:35:49

wow..... fingers crossed

clara john
09.09.2021, 17:46:34

Holy Moly .... i have been waiting for this.....
thanks author

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