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Roses and Flames


Story about:billionair, dark romance abuse revenge obsession

Age restriction: 18+

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#159 in Romantic suspense
#53 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 27 Sep 34 pages

Publication: 07.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Roses and Flames "

"Look around isn't this the place, where you slapped me and screamed with all your might that you will never marry me" his voice dark and face savage. "Now look where that got you, you being one of them, one of these sluts who belongs in my harem."

"Why....just why are you doing this, what did I ever do to you" Her voice meek and eyes filled with shame.

He replied with his husky voice "because I loathe you Mrs. Rudra Singh Rathore"

Join the journey of two childhood sweethearts. From inseparable to wishing for each other's death

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Yashika Shah
31.07.2021, 11:39:37

All the best dear

31.07.2021, 11:59:55

Yashika Shah, thank you

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