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Roughness in love (book no 2)

Simranpreet kaur

Story about:bad boy, mafia billionaire misery forced marriage, mafia romance

Age restriction: 18+

94 1236

#917 in Romantic suspense
#2605 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 25 Mar 150 pages

Publication: 19.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Roughness in love (book no 2)"

(What is the punishment for betrayed? What is the punishment for fell in love with a friend?
Past – Angela and Elathan both were very good friends at college time. Angela loves Elathan But she knows it's just a dream because Elathan never loves Angela. But things change when an incident happened and both of them separated. Things changed. On one side Elathan suffers in pain and on the other side Angela hides a secret. After many years past when they found each other everything changed between them. Elathan is a cruel, handsome, merciless, heartless mafia king and a monster who wants to live like a king in the mafia world. Angela hot, beautiful, brave girl whose heart is always like an Angel. Elathan wants his revenge from Angela at all cost and he punished Angela for his relief.


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Sana Naqvi
07.03.2022, 12:59:09

update plzz

Simranpreet kaur
16.03.2022, 15:33:26

Sana Naqvi, You can also enjoy my another book Innocent Love

Sana Naqvi
31.12.2021, 11:48:03

waiting for another chapter.. update soon

Terry Gray
22.12.2021, 05:52:05

Lovely story

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