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Ongoing: 17 Aug 81 pages

Publication: 02.07.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Royally Screwed "

An old tradition of Kaura village situated in Zaria where a girl must stop her education and get married at the age of 15;

There is a girl, who doesn't support that;

And there is a king, who hates people who disobey and question the rules of his kingdom;

An ordinary girl and a King of many empires, Read Royally Screwed and find out whether this girl can change the tradition which is followed by many since the old generations or NOT;


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22.09.2021, 12:45:15

interesting, pls update

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
27.09.2021, 11:32:37

Avilla, soon

Naomi Mwangi
09.08.2021, 07:51:02

Still waiting for more updates thank you

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
27.09.2021, 11:32:29

Naomi Mwangi, soon

Eggovin star
23.07.2021, 18:20:43

lovely story,pls update

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
28.07.2021, 16:42:45

Eggovin star, Nice knowing you

Naomi Mwangi
25.07.2021, 21:51:43

Am loving your story line

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
26.07.2021, 15:16:58

Naomi Mwangi, thank you for reading

Maria Alba
18.07.2021, 18:28:43

I like the role of Queen Amina, a brave woman, hoping she will be together with King Mustapha and live happily ruling the kingdom.

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
18.07.2021, 22:32:58

Maria Alba, thanks for reading

Faith Mbogu
18.07.2021, 19:14:34

nice book

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
18.07.2021, 22:32:45

Faith Mbogu, thanks for reading

D Sapphire
18.07.2021, 08:03:35

Noooooooo shit aaaaah why amina why ಠ﹏ಠ.·´¯`(>▂

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
18.07.2021, 22:32:27

D Sapphire, thanks for reading

D Sapphire
17.07.2021, 06:45:38

Ooh shit what now it took so many days for them to look at each other eyes and again there's gonna be a crack huh

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
17.07.2021, 18:09:42

D Sapphire, thanks for reading

Swati Singh
15.07.2021, 10:09:04

This is a vry good story!!! it's underrated deserves more likes & comment.... Queen amina character is vry strong & impressive I rlly like her.....

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
15.07.2021, 12:21:58

Swati Singh, thank you. share it to other booknet users please

09.07.2021, 15:47:59

I really enjoy the sory it's so good. I am dying for you to update.

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
10.07.2021, 11:19:43

ObeGame, thank you

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