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Episode Hue is the latest boy band in the world most famous for its singer and song writer, Aaron Breeze. Even after achieving what he dreamed of for so long he still thinks something's missing. His friends tell him to get over it and enjoy what he has so he plans a world tour for Episode Hue hoping to fill the missing piece.

Vividda Riviera is a Spanish Princess although her family does not rule they are still the last bloodline of the Royals in Spain and are treated as such. She hates being made to wear makeup and dresses and killer high heels, she only does so for the compromise that's she's aloud to wear what she wants at home and in any crowd who does not know who she is. She was fine until the band Episode Hue arrived and her parents made her escort her brother to the concert.


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22.06.2021, 03:20:25

Omg I just finished reading everything you have up so far and I love it! I'm a total sucker for dual POV hehe and your story is about music/bands too which is a bonus for me! Episode Hue is such a cool band name btw. :D How many band members are there? So I think Aaron, Quill and James? Whoa the song lyrics you created for 'Hell for Me' was super cool! I like it. :) Aww, a shame that you lost part of the lyrics you mentioned in your author's note but what you did still have was great!

Vivi is hilarious and I love her already lol. Her ringtone is Believer from Imagine Dragons? Heck yeah, I love that song. So is she like a modern day princess then? :O That's awesome how she also knows martial arts? I laughed out loud tho when Aaron asked James if he could find more info about Vivi after the concert and in her portfolio, it said "Love interest: None" xD

Oof so Aaron has enrolled at Vivi's college! Can he do that if he's doing a tour? What are the guys gonna think about that?? :O Anyway, your story made me smile and laugh, something I needed so thank you! I hope you'll update again soon whenever you can. Keep it up :D

Ironic Story
22.06.2021, 11:34:39

noveltealover, Thanks for the comment. Dual POVs tell a greater story in my opinion so I like using them in my stories. Yeah, it was so frustrating when I lost the rest of "Hell for Me" lyrics because its my only copy :( I'm ecstatic you liked the song I don't really use my songs a lot.

Wow I'm so glad someone else likes Imagine Dragon's Believer I was starting to think I was the only one! Vivi is my badass character nobody controls her...Well for now (Evil Smirking).
TYSM for your Like! Have a happy week.

Alondra Torres
22.05.2021, 21:03:59

Love this book! Waiting for more updates!

Ironic Story
24.05.2021, 17:57:24

Alondra Torres, Thanks for the comment! Happy you like it :D

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