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Ruin In Your Love

Fantasia Swan

Story about:destiny, a young woman, a ruthless billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#2215 in Billionaires
#6123 in Romance

On Hold: 17 Oct 6 pages

Publication: 08.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Ruin In Your Love"

This story is about destiny and fate.Noone can predicts where their destiny could takes them and noone can hide from their fate.

This is a story about two people from different world.Jasmine Thomas,a young woman whose dreams was to be highly qualified to become an independent woman and to serve her parent.She had never expected that her life will take a 360 degree turn and tied her in a loveless marriage with the most eligible playboy of the city,Henry wilson,a billionaire and a ruthless businessman famous for his killer looks.For him,women were only meant to be his toy and his bedwarmer,until he met her.

What gonna happen nxt. Will they fall in love with each other or it gonna end up just like usual contract marriages ?? to find out.

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Fantasia Swan
10.10.2020, 22:11:44

Hey happy readers! I m Fantasia swan. Today i have updated the first chapter of my book "Ruin in your love".plz take a look at my work and express your feelings.Thank you!.

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