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Ruins of Love and Heartbreak

Nhelle Joy Dan

Story about:heartbreak, blinddate, love

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#829 in Contemporary Romance
#4559 in Romance

On Hold: 29 Nov 53 pages

Publication: 30.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Ruins of Love and Heartbreak"

Czarielle Audra Racaza--A professional Photographer who had many heartbreaks before but she's still not afraid to fall in love again. She always adjust her attitudes after a break up to have a lasting relationship but still, no one last longer than one year and two months with her. The ultimate goal she want to achieve is to have a steady and long time boyfriend that can be a husband material in the future.

Laxton Hendrix Vanderveide--A businessman who has blind date line ups from her mom--who always do crazy and nasty things so that his blind dates would be turn off with him or will make them angry and walk out of their own. He don't wan to attend blind dates anymore but he cannot refuse her mom.

What if the two of them was set up on a blind date, will Czarielle grab the opportunity?


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