Book. "Sabotaging My Walkout Queen" read online

Sabotaging My Walkout Queen

Nihc Ronoel

Series: The 3D Rivera Siblings Series

Story about:revenge, heartbreak, destiny

59 1698

#157 in ChickLit
#286 in Inspiration romance

On Hold: 02 Jan 48 pages

Publication: 21.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sabotaging My Walkout Queen"

David believed that he already found the love of his life at a very young age, but the girl broke their relationship and walked away without even telling him the reason why.

A second chance knocked as three years later, they met again, and David was really determined to continue what they left behind. They reconciled, but their love story gets tougher this time! They never talked about what happened and just let destiny tear them apart, making them completely devastated.

What really happened the second time? Would fate make a way for them to reunite again, or would David just continue to believe that he was intentionally hurt by the same woman twice, leaving him with no other option but to hate her for the succeeding days of his life?


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Manogyna Marthi
02.12.2020, 17:19:38

nice story

Nihc Ronoel
02.12.2020, 23:31:28

Manogyna Marthi, Thanks. Please follow back. :)