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Sadist | The King Of Mafia

Alexis Dee

Story about:heartbreak, cheating, billionaire

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Ongoing: 27 Oct 205 pages

Publication: 24.09.2020 — ...

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I entered his room, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart pounding fast. He had his back towards me, wearing a black tux, he stood tall.

"You wanted to know how I feel about you," I stated and swallowed my tears. He slowly turned around and gave a jerk to his brow.

"I'm here to confess," I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheeks. It was hard for me to confess my feelings before someone who has done nothing but ruin my life, on top of that, surrendering before he was hard too.

He was watching my face with a smirk of pride.

"I love you, Sawyer!" I mumbled, noticing his unbuttoned shirt. His smile grew bigger and he scoffed, licking his lower lip and narrowing his eyes, he knew he has won.

"Who is this babe?" my whole world shook under my feet when a girl walked out.

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Lynn Austria 27.10.2020, 06:48:54

Very exciting chapters ??

Resmi Mukherjee 26.10.2020, 18:16:52

What ever it is..i just hate Sawyer. He is a monster.

Elsa anderson 26.10.2020, 17:36:42

Wtf is wrong with sawyer. I really liked him till last chap. I bet this is his awful planning and game

Deepu 25.10.2020, 16:21:34

This sawyer guy is really a good manipulative man, oh god!! based on her situation he's acting... Poor Celeste

Rangeeta Yadav 25.10.2020, 15:43:29

pls update everyday....puhlease!!!!

Priyanka Budime 25.10.2020, 15:42:20

Well portrayed author... I love this book..

Resmi Mukherjee 25.10.2020, 13:43:59

I think Sawyer is behind all these. Why does not she leave this city and go elsewhere??

adira almira 25.10.2020, 11:44:31

pity her

Swe et Biya 25.10.2020, 11:04:08

why didn't she call walash directly. she is easily manipulate by sawyer. I think This is all sawyer's doin.

Swe et Biya 25.10.2020, 10:53:36

this sawyer man is very manipulative I can't trust him a litt bit

PRIYA SINGH 25.10.2020, 10:19:51

Feeling bad for Celeste

Abhirami Asokan 25.10.2020, 09:52:26

i do understand Celeste she is a girl craving for love.everyone betrayed her,left her alone and broken,not even giving a chance to hear what she has to say.

Abhirami Asokan 25.10.2020, 07:35:15

Celeste is so much in trouble.Both Rosie and Theo,both of them cheated her acting like best friends and they cared for her in the beginning. About Walsh, i don't know what to think about him,he loves her but nothing more than his profession and goodwill. This Swayer guy is messing with my head,very manipulative and cunning,does he really love Celeste no idea about that too,he just wanted to play with her feelings.
really i needed a Sawyer pov about what he feels about Celeste,he is a really complicated character.
and Alexis i must say you are really doing a great job with the story

May L 25.10.2020, 05:56:29


Meagan Ammons 25.10.2020, 04:40:19

I'm literally checking none stop for updates on this. I'm really enjoying the book so far

Jacqualine Boullineau 24.10.2020, 16:09:50

Celeste needs to grow up, she moves from man to man, falls in love so easily, she's a poor judge of character, it's like she's looking for love in the wrong places, or she wants to feel needed, not really a fan of her character

The last comment in the thread:

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 25.10.2020, 02:39:33

Jacqualine Boullineau, my point exactly, her character is so annoying , jumping from one man to another is short period of time. feeling like I will stop reading this book

Swe et Biya 24.10.2020, 15:47:44

I Feel like this is all sawyer's doing. idk may be I'm wrong

Debbie Spring 24.10.2020, 09:21:24

Author Thank u cause u are updating almost every 2 days not more than that....

Resmi Mukherjee 23.10.2020, 18:09:53

I m 100% sure it is Sawyer. He is always stalking her

Jacqualine Boullineau 23.10.2020, 17:28:50

definately Sawyer to her rescue

Rangeeta Yadav 23.10.2020, 16:37:56

pls update fast

sanila rajesh 23.10.2020, 16:32:32


Swe et Biya 23.10.2020, 12:26:57

please update more today

Sonam Sharma 23.10.2020, 12:22:51

first Giselle now Caleste. She's so so stupid. I don't like Caleste's character. she irritates me.waiting for next update.

annstacey wanjiku 23.10.2020, 10:48:55

I'm a 100%sure it's Walsh if not him who? she can't be shocked to see theo it's really a great story am left in suspense all the time

Anushka Ranjan 23.10.2020, 07:00:32

I think that man is theo

Priyanka Budime 22.10.2020, 20:15:34

I think it's Theo

Suhana Sam 22.10.2020, 19:11:22

Keep a good work! ??

Jheck Domingo 22.10.2020, 19:08:37

Thanks for the updates ? you keep me hanging again ? I'm excited and curious about what happened next ??

Swe et Biya 22.10.2020, 17:32:35

I think It's walash yeah bcz why she is so shocked to see theo with her

sanila rajesh 22.10.2020, 16:52:14

I think it is walsh

Jacqualine Boullineau 22.10.2020, 16:25:52

i think it's Walsh I don't think she would be shocked if it was Theo

PRIYA SINGH 22.10.2020, 16:15:39

I think it's Theo the looser

Ritika Gupta 22.10.2020, 15:50:47

I think it's Walsh

The last comment in the thread:

Ritika Gupta 22.10.2020, 15:52:55

Ritika Gupta, or it might be Elliot Austin

Rupsa Roy 22.10.2020, 15:38:24

I think it's Theo!

Anjaani 22.10.2020, 14:51:25


Parvinder Ghataurey 22.10.2020, 13:22:27

Plzz update

Nafisatu Aliyu 22.10.2020, 11:22:36

Please update more chapters

Anushka Ranjan 22.10.2020, 06:06:39

please update more chapters

Jheck Domingo 22.10.2020, 05:49:28

Can't wait for the next chapter ??

Divya Shree Kabadi 21.10.2020, 22:38:06

pls update soon

mutiat balogun 21.10.2020, 13:22:48

please update soon

annstacey wanjiku 21.10.2020, 10:01:18

its totally awesome thanks author ....update please, something tells me something is about to go down

Ayushi Singh 21.10.2020, 09:53:47


sanila rajesh 21.10.2020, 04:59:37 he telling the truth that he loves her

PRIYA SINGH 20.10.2020, 20:40:32

Sawyer is a freaking mystery.

Priyanka Budime 20.10.2020, 20:25:31

Sawyer is the best option for Celeste because he never acted before her, he is genuine and always supported her without any reason everyone played with her, took advantage of her, Walsh is using her... She must trust Sawyer I think... Waiting for update please... Too amazing story..

Anushka Ranjan 20.10.2020, 15:29:14

please update

annstacey wanjiku 19.10.2020, 16:46:41

Comment has been deleted

ang greanyz 19.10.2020, 13:52:27

update more plz

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