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Publication: 25.06.2021 — 28.01.2022

Description of book "Sarah "

Sarah is an unwanted child but that's not the only reason her life is not valued, aside from having an abusive relationship with her mother who don't want to take the responsibility of taking care of her child and making her realize everyday that she isn't supposed to exist, Sarah miraculously reached her adulthood with a problem that doesn't allow the patient to survive that long. Sarah is still suffering from the abuse and living around people who don't make an effort to make her feel wanted. Will Sarah suffer until the fatal problem claims her life or will she find the cure and live a rather peaceful and meaningful life?

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Nina Daniel
06.07.2021, 09:21:33

Going amazing there! Keep it up, love!

Zara Claflin
06.07.2021, 20:14:44

Nina Daniel, you the best,baby!

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