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Sarah's Secret Santa


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Publication: 15.12.2018 — 15.12.2018

Description of book "Sarah's Secret Santa"

It's Christmas Eve and last person she ever would have chosen to spend it with just asked her to dinner. Noel has been a thorn in her side from the moment he first appeared at Global Graphics. Sarah gave up everything to move out west in the hopes of advancing her career, spending every waking moment on her job. Sure she had no social life, no time to make friends or even think of a relationship but hey, she became the agency's Golden Child. There wasn't a project she touched that didn't become an instant success. So, why her boss chose to bring Noel on was beyond her.


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Chibi Cazielle
20.12.2020, 09:31:00

This is wonderful... ! But now I feel so alone this Christmas. LOL... I love the story :)

Ruechari guru
20.12.2020, 15:50:04

Chibi Cazielle, Sending you a hug from the States, Chibi. A lot of us feel displaced with the virus keeping everyone apart, especially because of the holidays. Hang in there it won't last forever.

Lueurre JA
20.12.2020, 12:03:06

I love this book. It's a perfect Christmas short story. It wasn't flooded with too much information, but it had just enough for the readers to get the gist of the story. Your writing reminds me of that of Noelle Adams. Don't know if you've read any of her works.

I enjoyed reading your book, and I'll get on to the others. Merry Christmas to you too.❤

Ruechari guru
20.12.2020, 15:47:52

lueurre, I have not read anything from Noelle Adams but I will look into her works. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

Ruechari guru
25.12.2018, 08:10:30

For all of you may be celebrating... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! May your hearts be merry and light and future be oh so bright!

16.05.2020, 05:51:19

Thank you so much

Mira Diamond
30.01.2020, 09:09:12

it's nice but too short.... please update it

Ruechari guru
30.01.2020, 14:32:32

Mirabel O I Ndiomu, This is just a short story, so it's complete, but I have many full-length novels you may like if you give them a try. Thank you for reading : )

Natasha Panchu
16.12.2019, 20:21:44

y so short pls update

Ruechari guru
18.12.2019, 11:44:54

Natasha Panchu, This story is a short story. It is already complete.

Sandra Obas
02.09.2019, 16:24:32


Ruechari guru
02.09.2019, 17:47:21

Sandra Obas, Happy to know I've found a true fan in you.

Celeste I.
19.08.2019, 06:55:47

Wow, I'm usually not a fan of the romance genre, but I wanted to keep an open mind with this one, and I got to say, this was great. Although they knew each other for a day, Noel and Sarah got to know each other and slowly warm up to one another. Learning about their backstories and their exchanges are charming, funny, sweet, and natural.

The small part with them about to confess and the misunderstanding did stress me out, but at least it's not because of something stupid and didn't last long. The conversation between Sarah and her mom was also sweet and somewhat hits close to home in some aspects (I won't say what though).

The ending is sweet; it's great that they reunited (and they talked it out instead of fighting and ditching the other just like that, I hate that). Although the ending is lovely, it's also open-ended and leads to possibilities. I don't know how a relationship between the boss and their worker would go down, even though it's a oneshot. A charming story about change, and not judging someone based off what you hear and picture them to be before getting to know them.

This was a good read, I hope things go well between Sarah and Noel, live long and prosper

Celeste I.
19.08.2019, 21:57:48

Ruechari, You're welcome~

Lusani Mudau Siruba
16.04.2019, 22:18:42


Ruechari guru
17.04.2019, 01:47:43

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Elizabeth Keize
08.03.2019, 20:38:51

Christmas is an enjoyable time wher people all over the world try to make some extras for christmas like christmas lights, trees, painting of house change curtains and decoration and re-arrange a complete house decor.

Ruechari guru
09.03.2019, 03:59:25

Elizabeth Keize, Just like a good story. Starts with a small idea and with luck grows into something amazing.

True Match
22.12.2018, 16:26:31


Ruechari guru
22.12.2018, 19:40:24

True Match, Thank you!

Lucy Roy
21.12.2018, 16:02:40

you know how to create magic

Ruechari guru
21.12.2018, 16:09:43

Lucy Roy, I'm a lover of love and I love nothing more than to make people feel it if only for a moment in one of my stories. ; ) Thank you Lucy for that wonderful response.

Natalia Abram
17.12.2018, 18:31:51

oh so sweet

Ruechari guru
17.12.2018, 19:08:12

Natalia Abram, And so are you ; ) Thanks for reading. Don't forget to like the story, it's the only way I'll get it out there to share with more people. Have an great day.

Helen Nice
16.12.2018, 14:34:14

so romantic

Ruechari guru
16.12.2018, 16:58:59

Helen Nice, Thank you. They are the stories I love to write. Thanks so much for reading : )

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