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Saving Anna Lynch

Angela Lynn Carver

Story about:love conquers all, murder, romance.

Age restriction: 18+

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#858 in Contemporary Romance
#167 in Romantic mystery

Complete 182 pages

Publication: 23.08.2020 — 16.07.2021

Description of book "Saving Anna Lynch"

Anna is a young woman who recently lost her husband. She lived all alone in a house that was originally built by her late husband on the outskirt of a town filled with crimes and violence. She refused to move as she couldn't bear to let go of the memories of her husband.

Then one day, her daily life was disrupted as she was brutally attacked and beaten by a group of street thugs. She thought she was going to draw her last breath until a mysterious stranger stepped in and saved her life. Traumatized by the event she impulsively offered him to live with her for free as her roommate and in exchange, he offered the one thing she needed the most: protection.

*Trigger warning: This story may deal with the subject of violence and rape.
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